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Wardrobe mistakes

Wardrobe mistakes. 1. wrong color socks, 2. wrong attache case style, 3. hair length and style test poorly, 4. ineffective suit jacket design, 5. ineffective blouse style, 6. incorrect suit style, 7. wrong attache case style.

The New York image consultant service at Manhattan Makeovers specializes in advising male and female attorneys and other professionals, including bankers, accountants, physicians, PhDs, businesspeople, and artists. We’ve made great strides in discovering exactly which articles of clothing, footwear, hairstyles, and accessories are most effective for these professions.

You can’t afford to make the mistakes these attorneys are making (see image at left). This can kill you in professional, business, and artistic environments. Our personal shoppers will introduce you to established styles that are sure to transform the way you look and feel. We’ll also ensure that you’re not making any of these image errors.

How You Can Experience Manhattan Makeovers for Yourself

  • Complete Makeover – Our most popular service.
  • One-Day Makeover – A shorter version of our popular service.
  • Color Analysis – Learn which colors tested best for your profession.
  • Personal Shopping – Try on the most effective styles, with no obligation to buy.
  • Lawyer Makeover – For attorneys and judges.
  • Makeup – A professional makeup artist will teach you tips and tricks.
  • For Poets and Artists – Discover your unique signature style.
  • Footwear – Correct footwear conveys an image of honesty and trustworthiness. Nine out of ten of our clients come to us wearing the wrong shoes! Let us tell you what the research reveals about the most effective footwear for your profession.
  • Hairstyling – Get the look that will make you shine.

Note: Complete makeovers include color analysis & personal shopping, and are described more fully here.

Clients are usually most interested to learn what our research says about suits, footwear, hairstyles, and accessories. Our recommendations are custom made for you and aren’t based on hunches or guesswork, like the work of fashion designers. Instead, our suggestions spring from more than three decades of research into what items of wardrobe are most effective for business and casual wear.

We realize that you’ve probably never met with an image consultant before. Be assured that our image consultants are unhurried, congenial, and they take the time to give you a rationale for every suggestion they make.

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Our advice is based on research.

Please understand how we differ from other consultants: The important difference is that our guidance is evidence-based. You can contribute to our database by taking our current fashion survey. We've collected data from more than 18,500 respondents, and it is partly because of this research that we can tell you what shoes to wear, what accessories are most effective, and how to cut and style your hair. After you complete this short (and fun!) survey you'll be redirected back to this page.

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You probably thought you couldn’t afford an image consultant. Well, Manhattan Makeovers is a luxury within reach. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about our image consulting services.