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Jeans on Asian Girls

Jeans on Asian girls will look good or bad depending what they’re worn with. In fact the tops you match your jeans with will have more impact on how you look than how the jeans fit, their brand, or your … Continue reading

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26 Professional Image Mistakes You Can Avoid

26 professional image mistakes you can avoid are based on our database of thirty years of research. We invite you to learn from the errors of others! Dress too short. The dress you wear cannot be above your knees if … Continue reading

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Cezanne Documentary

This video about Paul Cezanne is inspirational. Particularly interesting is the discussion of the conflict he experienced with his father, a characteristic of many artists, especially those who are firstborn. We always look at his work when introducing clients to … Continue reading

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Bruce Lee in a Dark Suit

You don’t have to watch this entire video clip to get the message, namely, that Bruce Lee looks stunning in a dark suit. Get your stunning new style at Manhattan Makeovers.

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John Singer Sargent

We teach attorneys and other professionals how to achieve a stunning and appropriate presence. Our methods spring from research about what is effective for an attorney, artist, or other professional. We also incorporate tested ideas about color and contrast from … Continue reading

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Vincent van Gogh

Here van Gogh uses Michel Eugène Chevreul’s insights into color theory to juxtapose green and red. Chevreul discovered that complementary colors placed side by side will intensify each other.

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Paul Cézanne

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High Contrast

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Edie Sedgwick Fashion Blunder

In this photograph Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol’s lead actress, is wearing a dark top and a light skirt. In general this isn’t the most flattering outfit for her. There are many competing values that come into play when choosing an … Continue reading

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