How to Dress like Edie Sedgwick

How to dress like Edie Sedgwick! Of course, that’s it! The superstar of Andy Warhol’s film factory in the 1960s, Edie Sedgwick, blond, thin as Twiggy, haunted by her own demons, demonized by Warhol himself—she nevertheless maintained a style that has implications for today’s socialites and starlets, even for contemporary businesswomen and female attorneys who seek to define themselves as a cut above the norm.

The below video, with music by The Velvet Underground (After Hours), illustrates some of Edie Sedgwick’s outfits. Notice how she looks particularly good in monochromatic styles. Learn how to dress like Edie Sedgwick. By the way, The Velvet Underground was put together (managed, I mean) by Andy Warhol, and included Lou Reed and John Cale. Edie Sedgwick, of course, knew them well since they played at most of Andy’s functions.

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2 Responses to How to Dress like Edie Sedgwick

  1. FactCheck IsNoFatCheck says:

    The Velvet Underground wasn’t “put together by Andy Warhol”, they existed before.
    What Warhol did was become their manager, add Nico (1st album only) and organize the Exploding Plastic Inevitable tour.
    All this info is readily and easily available, including on the internet. FYI, John Cale briefly dated Edie Sedgwick. He also briefly married Betsey Johnson who designed some of his outfits.

  2. William Cane says:

    My hat is off to you, my friend, and many thanks for those corrections about Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground, and for the information about John Cale dating Edie Sedgwick and marrying Betsy Johnson! By the way, I got to meet the niece of Ms. Sedgwick during an off-off-Broadway play production a few years back, and she was charming. Well, you know your stuff, and thanks again for sharing!

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