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lawyer wardrobe

Lawyer Wardrobe

Lawyers, especially young ones, are often at a loss when it comes to knowing how to dress appropriately for the office or for court. This is the conclusion of a large number of judges, as reported in the article “Federal Judges Grouse About Lawyers’ Courtroom Attire.”

Manhattan Makeovers is an image consultant firm that specializes in helping male and female attorneys with wardrobe choices. Founded by attorney William Cane, we advise defense attorneys and other attorneys, as well as judges and law clerks. This subject isn’t covered in law school. It’s not something you learn as an associate, either. But, according to the judges, it is vital that male and female attorneys dress appropriately. In far too many cases, judges complained, they have difficulty focusing on the argument if a lawyer’s socks are wrong or if their attire is distracting.

Photo: F. Lee Bailey and wife.


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