Middle-Aged Women’s Hairstyles

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Middle-Aged Women's Hairstyle

Middle-aged women can have a hairstyle that is both attractive and easy to maintain if they follow the example of Sophia Loren. Even as a young model and actress, she often had short hair. As she aged, she did not change her hairstyle. It was still short. But it became even more wonderfully styled so that it always added to her good looks (see photo of Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti).

Her husband, Carlo Ponti, the Italian producer, was twenty-five years older. He told her numerous times that he liked her with short hair and it made a lasting impression on her.

Many women think that their best years are behind them after they reach forty or fifty, and as a consequence they fail to take the time to have their hair properly styled. What an unfortunate miscalculation! It is at this time in life that they can make some of their most impressive advances in their overall image. Just look at what Sophia Loren accomplished, even in her forties, fifties, sixties, and beyond. She’s still, as of this writing in February 2011, active in making films and television programs.

The secret for a woman to keep looking young as she ages is to maintain a neat hairstyle. Sophia Loren did this with various different and trendy short hairstyles. Within five to ten years we’ll see advances in nanotechnology and genetics that will allow us to return the skin to its pristine babyish smoothness and beauty, and no longer will you need makeup to cover wrinkles or dark lines under the eyes. Until that time arrives when the skin can be completely rejuvenated from within, the best advice we can give is to have your hair styled by a professional.


Shorter hairstyles are appropriate for both older and younger women, and they are especially appropriate for women who are in business, attorneys, saleswomen, and chemists or other scientists. These professionals can have shorter hair and still maintain their femininity and allure. Our image clinic is researching the value that short hair has for women in this age bracket and our preliminary findings are surprising.

Women aged 30 to 40 can increase their employment success rate by 42 percent if their hair is no longer than their shoulders. Women 40 to 50 can improve their acceptance rate in the workforce by up to 26 percent if shoulder-length hair is styled and neat. Employers were three times as likely to hire a woman if her hair was neat and shoulder-length or shorter than if it was long or messy.

If you wish to have an A-list actor’s charisma and charm, ensure that your hair is styled properly. That is the most important advice an image consultant can give. If you’re a middle-aged woman and your hair is also shoulder-length or shorter, you’ve got two things in your favor.

We can’t give you a part in a film. But we can make you look like a movie star. Get your new hairstyle with advice from the image consultants at Manhattan Makeovers. Your partners in style.

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