Your Image Compared to An Artist’s

When attempting to refurbish or invigorate your image, it almost always helps to compare yourself to someone you think is good and successful. This other person could be an artist, an attorney, a poet, or a movie star. As long as you respect the work of this person and like they way they act and dress, you’ll be inspired. In fact, you don’t have to like everything about them in order to be inspired by their image. Here, for example, is a rare interview with Bob Fosse, a man so dedicated to his work that he ignored the advice of physicians who warned him to take time off and rest. Look at the way he dresses, listen to the way he talks, and perhaps you will be inspired by his dedication to his craft.

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I am an image consultant at Manhattan Makeovers, specializing in helping attorneys, businesspeople, and artists.
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  1. mike says:

    He directed the film All That Jazz.

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