How You Can Choose the Right Colors Every Time

color analysis should tell you what colors are effective for people in your profession. Manhattan Makeovers is one of the only image consultants that has empirical data about effective colors for your specific profession. Accept no substitutes, especially from less reputable image consultant who use the discredited Color Me Beautiful technique.

Unfortunately, the majority of consultants subscribe to the ideas outlined in the discredited Color Me Beautiful book, and to the mistaken belief that they can tell you what colors are good for you based upon a ridiculous system which categorizes people into seasons — spring, summer, fall, and winter. Within twenty minutes of meeting you, we'll explain why that system is a complete waste of time.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler

More to the point, for attorneys and other professionals, there are only certain colors that test well. Our research indicates that only those specific colors should be worn at work. So it is not necessary for professionals to worry about “getting the right color to make me look good.” We will tell you what colors have tested well for success in your profession. If you wear those colors and no others your effectiveness will increase exponentially.

We won’t drape tapestries over your shoulder and mumble phrases like “Oh, this makes you look like a summer.” Nonsense! But that’s what you’ll get from second-rate image consultants and charlatans.

Instead of using a nonsensical system that claims people can be pigeonholed into seasons, we employ the fruits of three decades of research to tell you what colors test well for your profession, and for social encounters (the colors are different).

A color analysis is important for men as well as women.

A professional color analysis from Manhattan Makeovers is included with each of our complete makeovers, or you can purchase a stand-alone color analysis. The analysis will save you money because you’ll only buy appropriate garments and you won’t have unused items hanging in your closet.

Contrast Test

A color analysis and a contrast test go hand in hand. The first tells you what colors are appropriate for your profession and for social situations. Then a contrast test helps maximize your look with specific fabrics and color combinations. Manhattan Makeovers is one of the only companies that provides both a color and contrast analysis. The same day you receive this analysis you will have an edge on your competition both professionally and socially.

But instead of reading about it, put our ideas to work for you!

yellow dress
Now for the first time in your life you’ll know what to look for when you go into a store. Immediately the bewildering array of choices will be tamed and manageable. You’ll be like a heat-seeking missile, aimed at the colors that are right for you. You’ll know what you’re looking for.

The result? Nothing less than stunning. Once you’re outfitted in the colors that match your profession, you’ll radiate confidence and success.

NOTE: Attorneys need not be concerned with a color analysis in the way that those in the arts or theater are, because there are certain colors that attorneys must restrict themselves to in order to be effective. We will explain what those colors are for men and women (they are different for male and female attorneys). We also have extensive data about which colors test best for bankers, accountants, salespeople, physicians, PhDs, and other professionals and artists.