A Show about How to Look Your Best


See students from your campus in an educational and entertaining fashion show! A proven crowd-pleaser.

William Cane, image consultant and attorney, has helped more than 3,000 college students, celebrities, and actors look good onstage, on TV, and on the job. A member of the Association of Image Consultants International, Mr. Cane was nominated 2001 Speaker of the Year by NACA. After a PowerPoint presentation and fashion show, he gives personal color and contrast  to audience members, together with wardrobe suggestions for business and social attire. Don’t miss the fun . . . and the learning experience of a lifetime.

The Importance of Knowing Your Look

If you’re in college, or working in a law firm, or simply a person who wants to look good, it’s vital that you know what look works best for you. Artists and writers are also in need of objective feedback about their image. This presentation begins with an overview of what outfits have tested well for female attorneys, male attorneys, businesspeople, and artists and creative people.

When we present the show at colleges we focus on how to dress for success in school and beyond, in the workplace. Students will discover how to improve their grades and get the job they want by learning the types of clothes that work to impress teachers and employers.

When we present the show for law firms we focus on how female and male attorneys need to dress for clients from different backgrounds, for judges from different law schools, and for depositions, trials, and juries. We even include information on how witnesses can improve their credibility by dressing a certain way. All our suggestions are based on testing and research.

When we present the show at women’s clubs, rotary clubs, and private clubs, we focus on how people in the community where you live can improve their image.

The show typically brings smiles to the faces of those in the audience, especially when they have their outfits analyzed by William Cane after the slide presentation.

We encourage you to contact us so that we can tell you more about the Dress for Success presentation.