Complete Makeover

You won’t believe the results. Give us three days, we’ll change the way other people react to you.

Day 1. We meet at a New York art museum for your color and contrast analysis. We use this location because it allows us to demonstrate how contrast is used in the works of major artists. The same contrast techniques will enhance your image. Then, if you elect to have hairstyling and makeup (for women) or simply hairstyling (for men), we accompany you to our celebrity stylist’s salon for 2-4 hours of luxurious treatment. (Note: The fee for hair and makeup is not included in our makeover packages because each individual needs different hair services, and some clients elect not to have hairstyling. For those who wish hairstyling, we work with a top New York stylist, and we will disclose his fee for hair and makeup in advance once we see what specific services you require or request. For example, some clients want color highlights and straightening, some do not.) Time permitting, we will also look at footwear at the end of this day.

Complete makeover for professional, attorney, or artist

Day 2. We shop with you in Manhattan. You need not buy anything, but you’ll have an opportunity to try on different outfits and see in three-way mirrors how our evidence-based suggestions enhance your look. This is both a learning experience and a chance to make up any deficits in your wardrobe.

Day 3. Continued personal shopping with our team in New York’s most fashionable clothing and footwear stores. We will also look at accessories on this day. If you live in Manhattan, we can also do a closet analysis, explaining which items you should keep and which you might just as profitably discard.

Once this process is complete, we maintain a lifelong link with our clients, answering any image questions they may have.

Enjoy the undivided attention of some of the top beauty and styling artists in the country. They have worked on celebrities, politicians, and professional athletes. Why deny yourself the luxury?

Their work has won accolades. And, of course, an extreme makeover opens the way to a new you. This is our most radical and thorough treatment plan. Not for everyone, do you dare experience the extreme makeover? You’ll love it, and you’ll enjoy the splendor you’ve dreamed of, including:

  • hair style change
  • wardrobe replacement
  • color and contrast analysis
  • professional makeup consultation for women
  • suit fitting for men
  • brow shaping
  • shoe and boot advice
  • casual and formal attire revision
  • nutritional secrets for skin and weight
  • posture lessons to make you comfortable with aristocrats
  • advice on accessories known only to the rich

truffaut and leaud and bisset

Take the time to enjoy life

An extreme makeover is better than going into the federal witness protection program. After all, you’re not hiding from anyone. Except perhaps your true potential for good looks. And an extreme makeover can help make your outer self match your image of yourself. Spread your wings and fly.

Trust us, you won’t lose your identity, just your lack of self-confidence and your old appearance. Rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the past . . . Let us direct you to a brand new you.

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One-Day Makeover

The complete makeover can be compressed into one day for those in a hurry to experience their transformation. Usually this service is for those who do not want hairstyling and makeup, since that alone can take 3-4 hours for women, and 2 hours (for hairstyling) for men.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about our professional image consulting services.

(Photos: 1. Shania Twain. 2. Jean-Pierre Leaud and Jacqueline Bisset being directed by Francois Truffaut.)