Frequently Asked Questions about Manhattan Makeovers

Do you help men and women?
Yes, we provide image consultation and personal shopping for both men and women clients.
Where do you meet clients?
We meet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan, which is where we conduct our color and contrast analysis and where we provide an orientation and a summary of our research for professionals, businesspeople, and artists. We then take clients to our hair stylist (if they wish) and shop on Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue.
Does your hair stylist color and straighten hair?
Yes, our hair stylist can also color and straighten your hair. In fact, he has special expertise in these areas and does a fabulous job. He can also add highlights and suggest new ways for you to style your hair.
I'm an attorney and I'm over forty. Can I still profit from seeing a makeup artist?
Did Bette Davis stop using makeup artists when she was over forty? Certainly not!

Granted, you may not be an actress, but you’ll definitely learn useful new tips and tricks by consulting with our professional makeup artists. Even our attorney and physician clients have found meeting with a makeup artist a valuable — and enjoyable — experience.

What is the price of a makeover?
Our pricing plans are all clearly spelled out in the “Prices” link in the right-hand side navigation menu of this page.
How much advance notice do you need to schedule a makeover?
Usually a couple of days to a week advance notice is sufficient.
Where do out-of-town clients stay during their makeover?
Most out-of-town clients stay at a motel in Manhattan during their makeover. We can suggest a number of motels if you wish.
Do the three days of a three-day makeover have to be together?
No, you can take a few days off between the three days of a complete makeover if you wish.
I wish to prepare for job interviews. Can you help?
Yes, our research will guide you about the most effective wardrobe for a job interview, as well as how to act during an interview for the best results.
I'm a banker. Do you have specific advice for my profession?
Yes, we have wardrobe advice that is specific to banking, law, medicine, sales, and many other white collar professions.
I'm a musician. Do you have any research to help me?
Yes, we have research that will help musicians be more effective on and off stage. We also have specific data that will help painters, poets, writers, and other artists.
Do the makeovers include haircuts?
No, we provide advice about which styles tested best for your profession, but haircuts and color are separate charges by our salon should you choose to have a cut or color.