A revolution in wardrobe advice

I’m not going to tell you what is fashionable; I’m going to tell you what is effective. In other words, all the advice about wardrobe and attire that you’ll receive from Manhattan Makeovers has been tested.

jane goodall

Jane Goodall

When you order a makeover from us, you’ll meet our image consultants at the Met for your color and contrast analysis, and we’ll introduce you to a few works of art that illustrate principles of contrast that can enhance your appearance. If you’re an attorney, banker, CPA, or physician, we’ll provide you with specific information about what has tested well for your particular profession. Our unique database contains information specific to almost every profession and business, including data about artists and other creative individuals. This is what sets us apart — our advice really works!

If you elect to have hair styling, we’ll next take you to our celebrity stylist. The fact that he and his team have worked on celebrities is not the important point; what is of paramount importance is that we have worked with him for years and we know that he will follow our instructions to cut, color, and style your hair in a manner that has been proven effective for your profession. Naturally we will consult with you about this, and it is you who have the final say in what to do with your hair. But if you listen to the results of our research and follow our guidelines as to cut, color, and style, you can expect remarkable results.

While at the salon, you’ll also receive a makeup lesson from a professional makeup artist, if you wish. Our clients love this because it teaches them tips and tricks that can make their look complete.

Time permitting, we’ll look at footwear at the end of this first day. Rest assured that we don’t just look at shoes with you. Before we even look at anything we’ll have shared with you the information in our database about exactly which shoes have tested best for your profession. We are constantly updating this research so that our information is current and applicable to you. We’ll cut through all the hype and misinformation that advertisers, magazines, and salespeople may present, and we’ll show you shoes that are both comfortable and effective.

William Cane hails cab

William Cane hails a cab for a client on Madison Avenue during a makeover (photo by Paulina Glozman)

On day two we’ll shop with you in some of Manhattan’s finest stores. This is an opportunity to make up any deficits in your wardrobe. The good thing is that we’re not affiliated with any stores, so we never pressure you to buy anything. In fact, during this shopping day you are under no obligation to make any purchases whatsoever. However, most clients find at least a few items that will complement their wardrobe.

On day three we’ll also look at accessories and any other wardrobe and footwear items that remain to be considered.

After we’re finished, you’ll enjoy lifelong support for any image questions which you may have.

Enjoy the Luxury of a Makeover

Many women enjoy a makeover because it is fun to have all this attention. But beyond that, it is empowering, and that is the real advantage of a makeover with Manhattan Makeovers. We give you a whole new perspective on who you can be.

When we talk with you, we constantly refer to the fruits of more than three decades of research about which items of clothing will give you a clear advantage at work, and also on your days of leisure.

Naturally we’ll tell you not only what works in the office, but also what will help you during casual encounters with colleagues and clients. We also have an unmatched amount of information about what will enhance your appearance at social gatherings, parties, conferences, and other events.

Because women have a greater choice of wardrobe items than men, there is a correspondingly greater danger of making a mistake. This is why choosing appropriate leisurewear is of the utmost importance. You will be judged when at social gatherings, and a significant amount of business is transacted out of the office. Your image consultant team will work with you to ensure that you know exactly what makes you look competent, trustworthy, and credible.

Yes, our database has all this information . . . For example, attorneys need to look honest to clients, competent to judges, and authoritative to colleagues. You’ll be welcomed more warmly than ever when you follow our guidelines.

In addition to the correct choice of colors and styles in wardrobe, we’ll also guide you in selecting fabrics and designs that are cost-effective and high quality. Sometimes we can help you find a less expensive item that looks, feels, and wears like its more expensive counterpart.

female makeover

Audrey Hepburn

Women who arrange a female makeover receive the following:

  • color analysis
  • contrast test
  • style analysis
  • wardrobe analysis
  • shopping advice to save you money
  • casual and business attire suggestions
  • an outline of the psychology of dressing for social occasions
  • an explanation of which patterns work best for business and social events

We’ll ensure that you have an edge in creating an image that will make you the talk of the boardwalk.

If you’re an actress, you’re in especially good hands. We’ve helped literally thousands of soap opera personalities, film actors, and stage performers shine under the lights. But even if you’re not an actress, we’ll ensure that you are the star of the show!

Wardrobe Analysis

Rather unique in the image consultant field, William Cane has investigated how image impacts people from other cultures. Cane donned a t-shirt and shorts and battled mosquitoes and monsoons in the tropics to study with noted Indian scholar Swami Sharma (pictured below) to deepen his understanding of international style. Cane incorporates this knowledge to help you

William Cane

Swami Sharma and William Cane (l. to r.)

  • eliminate prejudice,
  • transcend your cultural milieu,
  • foster an understanding of the implications of diversity,
  • develop good relationships with those from other cultures,
  • take advantage of your cultural knowledge to work with all types of people, and
  • appeal to those from the aristocracy as well as middle-class and blue-collar clients.

As a modern woman you may not wish to rub shoulders with every imaginable inhabitant of the teeming city. Yet, with our fashion advice you’ll be as prepared to navigate your way through a throng of sailors as you will be to strip off your Michael Kors topcoat and make a splash at the 21 Club. We do more than make fashion functional . . . We put the fun back in fashion.

We encourage you to contact us so that we can tell you more about our professional services.