Enjoy the Luxury of a Makeover

One of our favorite styles is the Jane Goodall look. Natural. Alluring. Mysterious.

jane goodall

Jane Goodall

And it was all so frighteningly simple. Functional to the extreme. Yet essentially female and exotic. In case you don’t know her story, she traveled to Africa as a young woman in order to study chimps in Tanzania. The real-life female counterpart to Tarzan of the Apes, her entire style, her hair, her khakis, her functional accessories—all of it combined to define a look that no woman before or since has matched. She made a mark for herself and has today become an icon inspiring a new generation of young women.

It’s simply too exciting to talk about Jane Goodall, but we’re doing it for a reason. When we work with you, our goal is to give you the cachet, the poise, the elan that will define you and make you unique and stunning, just as Goodall defined herself with her style. You’ll have a look that will set you apart, yet that will allow you to effortlessly mingle with the highest society. We’ll see where you’ve been, where you are, and then create the look that will take you where you’re going. And we have great expectations for you.

Always, we are inspired by the best and the brightest. You are a superstar, with a style that will define a generation. Take a deep breath . . . and let the transformation begin!


female makeover

Audrey Hepburn

But let’s admit it . . . sometimes functional isn’t your cup of tea. Instead, you might prefer the elegant look of dresses and suits. After hearing what styles you like, your image consultant begins with a color analysis and a contrast test. Next, we give you a wardrobe consultation, during which you’ll be introduced to the kinds of colors and fashions that work best for you. Just between us, this is a rather Machiavellian service. It will give you the kind of edge that a princess enjoys. Women who arrange a female makeover receive the following:

  • color analysis
  • contrast test
  • style analysis
  • wardrobe analysis
  • shopping advice to save you money
  • casual and business attire suggestions
  • an outline of the psychology of dressing for men
  • an explanation of which patterns work best for business and social events

We’ll ensure that you have an edge in creating the image that will make you the talk of the boardwalk.

If you’re an actress, you’re in especially good hands. We’ve helped literally thousands of soap opera personalities, film actors, and stage performers shine under the lights. But even if you’re not an actress, we’ll ensure that you are the star of the show!

Wardrobe Analysis

Rather unique in the image consultant field, William Cane has investigated how image impacts people from other cultures. Cane donned a t-shirt and shorts and battled mosquitoes and monsoons in the tropics to study with noted Indian scholar Swami Sharma (pictured below) to deepen his understanding of international style. Cane incorporates this knowledge to help you

William Cane

Swami Sharma and William Cane (l. to r.)

  • eliminate prejudice,
  • transcend your cultural milieu,
  • foster an understanding of the implications of diversity,
  • develop good relationships with those from other cultures,
  • take advantage of your cultural knowledge to work with all types of people, and
  • appeal to those from the aristocracy as well as middle-class and blue-collar clients.

As a modern woman you may not wish to rub shoulders with every imaginable inhabitant of the teeming city. Yet, with our fashion advice you’ll be as prepared to navigate your way through a throng of sailors as you will be to strip off your Michael Kors topcoat and make a splash at the 21 Club. We do more than make fashion functional . . . We put the fun back in fashion.

We encourage you to contact us so that we can tell you more about our professional services.