Image Consultant Services

Nir Lavi Suit

We offer two basic services: a one-day makeover, and a three-day makeover. Unlike fashion designers, we don’t base our recommendations on whim or fancy. Instead, we provide exclusively evidence-based advice with a proven track record.

Experience the difference Manhattan Makeovers can make. We’ll stretch your mind and give you a whole new perspective on who you can be.

When we suggest a certain style of footwear, for example, that suggestion is based on evidence demonstrating that this style and color shoe is effective in the workplace for your industry or profession. Our proprietary database is second to none and will ensure that you have the edge in all you do.

Color Analysis

Learn what colors test best for your profession or business. Our research reveals the surprising hidden truth about contrast and color.Learn More

Hairstyle Makeup

Celebrity stylists will cut, color, and style your hair based on what the research shows to be most effective for your profession.Learn More

Personal Shopper

Our personal shoppers will bring you to New York’s most fashionble stores so you can try the styles that have proven to be most effective.Learn More

Accessories Footwear

We’ll introduce you to footwear and accessories that will compliment your image and enhance your status at work and play.Learn More
Makeover Plans

What's our formula for success?

All our suggestions are based on research about what works for you. For women, we have access to top celebrity makeup artists, who will give you lessons that will transform your look. For men, we share wardrobe secrets that will enhance your status at work and your desirability at play. In short, your image consultant will ensure that you have the edge in creating an image that will take you to the heights of your career and social life.

Makeover Plans

Manhattan Makeovers’ Other Services

The following services are optional, but helpful for some clients . . . We can  provide voice articulation lessons, and we are able to assist with professional name change for artists and writers who wish to use a stage name or a pen name. We can help clients develop an upper-class posture through various methods, including horseback riding. (Our research demonstrates conclusively that good posture is a significant asset in professional and business environments.) We can also tell you the hidden significance of patterns in dresses, ties, and jewelry. Many professionals would be shocked to learn that they’re wearing jewelry, for example, that sends an unconscious message about bondage, or that the pattern in their tie or shirt is marking them as a loser. Let us decipher the subliminal messages so that you convey only positive ideas to others.

Why Choose Us

  • Fully responsive to your professional wardrobe needs.
  • Awesome opportunity to showcase your best traits.
  • Unlimited accessories options with evidence-based recommendations
  • Multiple options for hairstyles to fit your professional or artistic needs.
  • We offer lifetime image support because we care about your look as much as you do.

What Client’s Say

The makeover helped me and gave me confidence that I was selecting the right colors, suits, and shoes. Thank you!
Attorney, West Coast
I can’t believe how beautiful I look and feel I’ve received so many compliments!
Physician, NY
Thank You for the fantastic makeover! My hair looks great and so does my wardrobe.
Real Estate Broker, New York
It’s my first makeover and I’m very pleased with the results. I would recommend you to anyone looking for an image boost!!!
Nurse, New Jersey Hospital

How We Save You Time and Money

How many items do you have in your closet that you don’t wear? Like most people, probably a good many. How many items cost you a sizeable amount? With our advice, all your garments will be appropriate. With the clothes you already have we’ll help you define a look and a presence that will strike a balance between functional and magical. You’ll feel good about yourself. And you’ll save money because you won’t need to buy expensive items that you don’t use.

We’ll save you time because we’ll show you how to organize your closet so that every day you can easily find a wardrobe that works for you. Not only that, we’ll also shop for you. These savings alone will likely more than pay for our services.

Image Consultant Service

Our most popular service is a complete makeover. Unless you’re a celebrity or politician, you’ve probably never had an image consultation. In a nutshell, an image consultant is an expert trained to make you look good. We start with a first impression analysis. In other words, we’ll give you a golden opportunity to see yourself as others do. Rest assured that we’ll also open a door that has been right in front of you all along, the door to your new self. Step by step—explaining all our research and reasoning—we’ll usher you through that door to a new world of aesthetic beauty. You will live your dreams. If you’re in business you’ll have a clear advantage over your competition. If you’re an artist you’ll have added cachet and charisma. Your career is bound to improve. And your friends and family will marvel at your new look.

marilyn monroe

Marilyn Monroe

An image consultant will also do a color analysis. Next, he determines whether you have high, medium, or low contrast. Finally, a wardrobe analysis completes the picture. These three tests will help you understand what works for you in terms of wardrobe, hairstyle, and grooming. Until now, only a fortunate few have been able to avail themselves of the services of an image consultant. You’ll join the ranks of the elite. For your VIP treatment, the image consultant will:

  • tell you, honestly, how other people see you right now
  • open a door to a new you with infinite possibilities
  • analyze your color and contrast
  • discuss the pros and cons of your present wardrobe
  • examine your style potential, that is, the overall impression you can make
  • suggest ways to build on your strengths and minimize any weak areas

We are the Rolls Royce of image consultants. All our suggestions are based on research about what works for you. For women, we have access to top celebrity makeup artists, who will give you lessons that will transform your look. For men, we have secrets that will enhance your status at work and your desirability at play. In short, your image consultant will ensure that you have the edge in creating an image that will take you to the heights of your career and social life.

Feedback is an Image Consultant’s Number One Tool

A good image consultant looks, listens, and observes. He is gifted with a genius for sensing things that you can’t see yourself. Let him show you how spellbinding the process can be. Within minutes of meeting you, he will have formed an initial impression. An interview and a look at your wardrobe will be the final input. Like a mirror, he will help you guard against making style, wardrobe, and behavioral mistakes that could damage your social standing and career.

Image Analysis for Men and Women

Always in perfect taste. Your image consultant caters to the discriminating few who know they have a destiny that transcends the average. Not only will your image consultant stretch your mind, but he will stir the imagination. Unlock the secrets of creating an image for yourself. We’re thoroughly familiar with what will make you look—and feel—your best. Our technique is so advanced, it’s actually simple. All you do is relax while we provide you with the ultimate in fashion and grooming suggestions. But be prepared . . . for friends and colleagues to envy you.


Men and women will find that an image consultant can help them with:

  • Avoiding wardrobe errors
  • Selecting appropriate attire for business, and
  • Behavior and comportment issues that can help you live more confidently.

You’re in good company if you call us. Did you know that some of the people who have used an image consultant include:

  • Mick Jagger
  • Keith Richards
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Halle Berry
  • Beyoncé
  • Mary J. Blige
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Shakira
  • Britney Spears

You don’t have to be a celebrity to use our services, but we will make you feel like one.

You probably thought you couldn’t afford an image consultant. Well, Manhattan Makeovers is a luxury within reach. In fact, our services will ultimately save you time and money and will pay for themselves many times over. We encourage you to contact us so that we can tell you more about our professional services.

(Photos: Italian model Nir Lavi. Marilyn Monroe.)