How a Professional Makeup Artist Can Help You

Experience a fresh new approach to makeup. Let a professional makeup artist give you a lesson. Our team of makeup artists have worked with Hollywood celebrities, national politicians, and major film and TV projects. Wouldn’t you like to know the secrets the stars use to look good? Of course you would! Which is why we offer this exciting new service to clients who demand the best of the best. This isn’t a quick touch-up like you’d get in a department store. This is the real deal.

Brooke Shields

Sit back and discover all the thrills involved in having your makeup done by a pro. You’ll enter a new dimension of beauty. It will be a deeply satisfying experience. Let me give you one example. This is a true story about a beautiful young actress who we all thought looked gorgeous. After she had her makeup done for The Art of Kissing shoot, she stood in front of the mirror and gawked. Her jaw fell open. Then she went up to the makeup artist (in this case, Sharon Phillion), and said, “Oh, my gosh! I’ve never seen my lips look so good.” She was raving about that makeup job all day. Sharon also gave her a quick lesson in how to apply cosmetics to her lips and face to achieve a Hollywood look so that she could do it herself next time.

Our professional makeup artists deliver the goods, cutting through the hype and showing you what looks good and what doesn’t. After all, they have to get it right—their artistry is on display on national television and in films. So you can be sure they’re going to give you advice that works wonders. Surrender to the spell of a professional makeup session  . . . You’ll sit back in the star’s chair and be pampered and touched up until you look like the movie star you’ve always known you are.

Professional Makeup Artist

Did you know that even Mick Jagger wears makeup onstage? Yes, and so do many men in the television industry. This includes Larry King, Jay Leno, David Letterman, and Anderson Cooper. So don’t hesitate to request these services if you’re a male and expect to be on television. Or maybe you’re going to have a professional photographer take some photos of you for your business. Get the professional makeup advice that will ensure you look your best.

This service includes:

  • makeup done by a professional
  • a lesson for you in how to do the makeup yourself
  • tips and tricks used by the stars
  • hair styling and advice
  • eye secrets for a romantic look
  • lipstick styling so you’ll never need collagen (ouch!) injections

In short, your professional makeup artist will ensure that you have the look that Hollywood—and Madison Avenue—loves!

We encourage you to contact us so that we can tell you more about our professional services.