What Is a Male Makeover?

Hemingway had it. So did Norman Mailer . . . and James Bond. That elusive quality—style.



Now you can have a style just as breathtaking and forceful as the names you know so well. But don’t let the term male makeover frighten you. It’s simply an abbreviated way of saying we act like your butler, personal assistant, and image consultant all rolled into one. And if you don’t think a male makeover is macho enough for you, consider that no less a personage than Muhammad Ali frequently got the equivalent of a male makeover from Angelo Dundee, his erstwhile trainer. Sean Connery (and every other James Bond) got a male makeover whenever he appeared onscreen (and often when he appeared off-screen). The fictional James Bond, probably the most macho man of the modern era, got a male makeover at Shrublands in Ian Fleming’s novel Thunderball, and thoroughly enjoyed it! Truth be told, it takes a certain amount of courage to get a male makeover, and it also requires a modicum of self-confidence and pride.

Alpha Males Get Male Makeovers

In fact, it’s the alpha male who gets the male makeover. Just as in the primate world, where the dominant male has males and females grooming him, in the human realm top males command respect and allow others to groom them. Still skeptical? Keep in mind that the most powerful men in the world today, including the president of the United States, get male makeovers on a regular basis. So, if you’re considering a male makeover, you’re in league with some very successful men.

How a Male Makeover Works

male makeover

Your image consultant begins with an image analysis and a wardrobe consultation. Just between us, this is a rather Machiavellian service. It will give you the kind of edge that a prince enjoys. Men who arrange a male makeoverreceive the following:

  • color and contrast analysis
  • wardrobe analysis of your current clothes
  • shopping advice to save you money in New York
  • casual and business attire suggestions that really work
  • info about which wristwatchespens, and briefcases to use
  • data about which styles of shoes have tested most effectively
  • help avoiding bad barbers and finding good barbers to cut your hair
  • female personal shopper to help you select appropriate clothes
  • an explanation of which ties work best for business and social events
  • male personal shopper who will show you how to shop for suits and how to get them tailored

We’ll ensure that you have the edge in creating an image that will take you to the heights of your career.

How to Tie a Tie

How to Tie a Tie

Here’s a good video demonstration by Brooks Brothers about how to tie a man’s tie, including the Half-Windsor, Windsor, Pratt, and Four in Hand Knots.

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A Special Note for Men

It’s a common misconception that men don’t need the services of an image consultant. This misunderstanding arises from the perception that only women are concerned with their image. However, men have an image, too. In fact, a man’s image goes a long way toward shaping what others think about him.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Probably the single greatest mistake men make in the public arena is failing to control how they are perceived by others. This relinquishment of control causes many men to slip into a routine and dress in accordance with the style of their parents. They don’t realize that they may have fallen a rung or two lower on the social ladder—simply because of their failure to know what works and what doesn’t in terms of wardrobe, haircut, and other matters of personal comportment.

Today, image consultants aren’t a luxury, they’re almost a necessity. Associates joining law firms, corporations, or university faculties are under close scrutiny. These individuals might not even know what the criteria are for judging them. But we do. We know, for example, that the cut of your suit, the style of your tie, and the way hair is trimmed around your ears are all factors that are working to create your image. If you’re not aware of the right choices, then it is possible that some, or all, of these factors are working powerfully against you—without your even being aware of it. We don’t want that to happen to you. At Manhattan Makeovers we make practical suggestions that have been empirically tested. Why deny yourself the advantages that successful politicians, athletes, and businessmen have enjoyed? You might be surprised to know which of your competitors is already using the services of an image consultant. The bottom line is that we can provide you with a number of scientifically developed strategies to expand your horizons and help you reach your full potential.

Wardrobe Analysis

Rather unique in the image consultant field, William Cane has investigated how image impacts people from other cultures. Cane donned a t-shirt and shorts and battled mosquitoes and monsoons in the tropics to study with noted Indian scholar Swami Sharma (pictured below) to deepen his understanding of international style. Cane incorporates this knowledge to help you

William Cane

Swami Sharma and William Cane (l. to r.)

  • eliminate prejudice,
  • transcend your cultural milieu,
  • foster an understanding of the implications of diversity,
  • develop good relationships with those from other cultures,
  • take advantage of your cultural knowledge to work with all types of people, and
  • appeal to those from the aristocracy as well as middle-class and blue-collar clients.

It may seem strange to some that a person would need to be able to relate well to all types of people. But just consider the situation of a defense attorney who deals with criminals every day. He needs to be able to relate to his clients, just as a banker needs to be able to relate to millionaires. William Cane has worked with people from every stratum of society. His advice as an image consultant will enable you to adapt your behavior and your wardrobe to fit in with the people you will be working with, no matter where they’re from.

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