Personal Shopper Services

Manhattan Makeovers offers two personal shopper services.

1. Male Personal Shopper Service

What It Is and Why You Need It. This service is for women who wish to be more attractive to men. This is our most popular personal shopper service. If you’re a woman and you haven’t used a male personal shopper before, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. As one of the only male personal shopper services in the New York City area, we’ll give you a fresh perspective on what works and what doesn’t for your look and figure. We see you the way other men see you—and the good thing is we tell you the truth.
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After all, you don’t really expect your boyfriend or husband to tell you the truth about your wardrobe, do you? Any man who tells the woman he loves the truth is risking his neck. But we’re objective, and for the first time in your life, perhaps, you’ll receive a true opinion from an expert who knows fashion. With a critical eye, we’ll tell you whether or not certain garments really fit you or flatter your figure. And if you approach our male personal shopper service with an open mind, you’ll wind up looking better than you ever imagined you could.

Without a doubt, the best thing about using our male personal shopper service is that you’ll start getting more attention from the opposite sex. If this is something you can deal with, trust us to help. With a subtle shift in style and color, you’ll look and feel sexier than ever. Naturally, our personal shoppers only help you select items that are in good taste. We won’t let you make any glaring errors.Find out more »

2. Female Personal Shopper Service

What It Is and Why You Need It. This service is for men. It will help you select clothes that will attract women. You’ll shop with a female personal shopper who will tell you what clothes will make you look like the Hollywood leading man you know you are. While most men think they know, they usually have a lot to learn. Wait until you use this service! You’ll discover exactly what contemporary women find attractive, and even though you should not wear this garb to work, you should wear it on weekends and during your time off. Be careful, though. You may find that you’re attracting more romantic partners than you can handle! Find out more »

Don’t Make this Mistake

Unless you have absolutely no time to shop, it’s usually a mistake to let a personal shopper go to the store without you. At Manhattan Makeovers, we’ve discovered that clients learn the most when shopping with us at their side. In fact, an important part of the learning process is going into stores with your personal shopper and listening to him (or her) point out what works and what doesn’t for your new look. Because you get immediate feedback by shopping with us, you’ll learn how to transform yourself a thousand times faster than shopping by yourself or hiring someone to shop for you. Sure, we can bring clothes back to you if you have no time to shop. But if you have time, shopping with your male personal shopper or female personal shopper will give you the best learning experience of all, and you’ll get to see the full range of styles that are available for you. Don’t miss out on all the fun of discovery! Let us shop with you for the experience of a lifetime.

We Have Male and Female Personal Shoppers. Our female clients shop with a male personal shopper, and in the process they learn what really works for their figure. Male clients shop with a female personal shopper for a comparable learning experience.

Personal Shoppers Make Your Life Easier

You’ll look and feel like royalty when we show you what works for your new style. Part of the value of using a personal shopper is the surprising discoveries you’ll come across. Maybe we’ll point out a color or a style that you haven’t thought to wear. But when you see how fabulous you look, you’ll fall in love with the new you.

Personal Shopper

Our personal shoppers will spoil you for anything else. The biggest difference between us and the competition in department stores is that we don’t try to sell you clothes. We have no agenda except your good looks. We make no commission. Instead, we’re like  . . . Okay, let’s admit it, we’re like your personal assistant. Are you starting to get interested? Of course you are!

We take your measurements and then go to the store and help you select what will work for your color and contrast profile. Naturally, we did a color analysis and contrast analysis beforehand! Then we help you find new items. You’ll discover quality that suits your style of living.

In addition, we can help you select garments that will last longer, and have a lower lifetime cost. So not only do you save time, you also save money.

For over two decades, William Cane has worked with actors in film, television, and onstage. One day he told an actress that the black dress she had selected was unflattering. She didn’t believe him. She thought black would make her look slim. So she wore the dress on television. When she saw a tape of the show she was mortified. Just as William Cane had predicted, the dress was cut in a style that made her stomach protrude, and she paraded around on national television with a bulge. This may sound funny, but it wasn’t funny to her. She came up to her image consultant after the show and said, “You were right! I should have listened to you. That dress made me look fat.” Well, you can thank your lucky stars that you’ve found us. Sure, we know that black often makes a person look slim. But we’re not stuck into recommending just one color. We use our fashion savvy and study you in the dress. Like professionals, we examine you from every angle. Trust us to notice what you don’t. And we’ll never let you down—we’ll make sure that you look fabulous, whether or not you’re going on national TV.

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