Press Coverage of Manhattan Makeovers

The 10 biggest style mistakes from image consultant William Cane.” (August 14, 2013.) Article by Kristin Shorten.

Podcast Debbie Nigro Radio Show, WFAS-AM, New York. (Air date 8/4/13, incorrectly listed as 8/5.)

Barry Farber radio interview 9/10/13. Just click on the YouTube video above, or scroll to the “You’re Looking Good” podcast. You can also get the Michael Christian interview as iTunes here. Just scroll to the 9/10/13 show.

William Cane discusses the stress celebrities experience because of their need to maintain an appropriate image in the public spotlight, and how it can, in extreme cases, lead to suicide. “Gia Allemand and Celebrity Suicide: Experts Weigh In.” (JDJournal, August 19, 2013.)

The verdict on courtroom fashion.” By Anayat Durrani. Plaintiff Magazine, October 2011. William Cane reveals the latest wardrobe statistics for attorneys.

New York Post, August 11, 2012. “Will you still love me tomorrow? Why being betrayed might be the best thing that ever happened to Robert Pattinson.” By Sara Stewart. William Cane advises celebrity on how to deal with public rejection by girlfriend.

What His Halloween Costume Says about Him,” by Natasha Burton. October 2012.

Why you shouldn’t wear pants to work.” The Times of India, 8/14/13.

What Makes the Public Hate Prominent Attorneys.” Jeffrey Harmatz, Lawcrossing, August 23, 2013.

One-hour radio interview with William Cane talking about his makeover service with Larry Bilotta, the renowned marriage expert (recorded April 22, 2014). Just click the YouTube link above, or here is a second link to the show.

William Cane causes controversy after recommending that women shouldn’t wear pants to work. CaptTalk Facebook.

At Fed Chairman Bernanke’s Press Conference, Stakes Are High.” 4/27/11. Huffington Post story quotes Manhattan Makeovers president regarding what chairman of the Federal Reserve should wear at his first press conference after a committee meeting.

Business Standard, Wednesday, August 21, 2013. Article reporting Manhattan Makeovers recommendations on women’s work attire.

India Times. Fashion Tips from William Cane. 8/17/13.

Women in trousers argument is absolutely pants. August 16, 2013. The Age – Comment. This critical comment on our work misses the whole point, namely, that our research indicates certain garments will help, and other will hurt your chances for success. We have research to back up our advice; this critic offers no evidence to back up her opinions, which we know will misguide her readers, not help them.

Wearing Pants to Work may Make Women Seem Less Effective Than Those Who Wear Skirts. 8/15/13.

Dress for Legal Success. JD Journal, August 26, 2013.

WDVR-FM interviews William Cane on Manny Garcia’s Out and About Show regarding legal and fashion implications of saggy pants laws passed in New Jersey and eight other states. August 26, 2013.

Expert Advice on How to Be a More Confident Business Leader,” by Tim Parker. September 5, 2013. Manhattan Makeovers founder quoted on how to boost confidence through wardrobe.

Is Your Appearance Ruining Your Career?” by Kristin Colella, MainStreet, September 25, 2013.

William Cane was interviewed on October 17, 2013 on WMGG-AM, Tampa, Florida, by host Alex Hinojosa about how to dress for success.

William Cane – Dress For Success: Especially When No One Else Does.” William Cane is interviewed by attorney Kerry Lutz, on the Financial Survival Network: Listen to the broadcast.

A Way to (Actually!) Make the New Year Yours,” by Crystal Going, an article about Manhattan Makeovers and its key message about how improving your image can improve your business, professional, and personal interactions. January 20, 2014.

William Cane interviewed on March 31, 2014 on the Marilu Henner Radio Show. To listen, click this link for The Marilu Henner Show, and then click on “March 2014” and scroll down to “March 31, 2014 (hour 3)” and click on that.

Manhattan Makeovers president William Cane interviewed by Mike Carruthers on Something You Should Know syndicated radio spot, July 21, 2014. Click link to listen.