before and after makeover

Makeover before and after

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Kenneth Ward


Thank you for the color and contrast analysis, which has revitalized my outfit choices and given me a new vim and vitality. The compliments have increased exponentially since your image consultant service!
Ruby Olivio, NJ
Many thanks for the advice we received during your recent visit. Our new wardrobe, an unqualified success, has led to increased sales
Thank you for your very helpful image consultant work and advice about my suits and shirts. I feel that I’m making a much better impression.
I wish I had had this type of advice 20-30 years ago! Maybe I can do the one day makeover some time when I am in the city! I really appreciate your efforts to customize this [gift three-day makeover] for her [my daughter] . . . So, your unique program is exactly what I wanted for her — I just can’t believe I found you!
Pam Shipman, Chicago,

Virginia and Tim Kides

It's not every day that we get to work with someone like you. In fact, today customer service is hard to come by. That's why I'm writing to tell you how happy we were with your work for us. First, Tim thinks his new look is stupendous. He's gotten so many compliments that I'm almost afraid to let him out of the house to go to work. More than that, he feels better knowing that he's not wearing those shiny t-shirts anymore. I told him they didn't look good but it took a professional image consultant to make him see the light. For this alone I cannot thank you enough. Then the wedding! My girlfriends can't believe I was so calm and relaxed on my wedding day, and it's all thanks to you. William Cane and his team made all the difference, from booking the restaurant, arranging the legal documents, ordering the cake, arranging for the deejay, and all the little details about my bride's maids wardrobe—I felt like a princess in every way. We'll keep in contact and hope to work with you again. Come to think of it, I have a cousin who could use a little transformation like you did for Tim...

before and after makeover